The Movement

Humility Through Pain is not just a line of clothing (or our gym’s catch phrase)- it is why we train, how we train, and what keeps the spirit of martial arts alive. We do something every day that the rest of the world thinks is impossible; we train martial arts. We do what you see in movies but call it fun and practice. We train not just to become better fighters but better human beings.

Humility Through Pain is the struggle we endure every day starting with dragging ass to the gym even though we want to be home. It’s the emotional strain of wanting to be better right now but knowing that the journey of training is more important than the end result. It’s the physical pain of injuries and body conditioning. All of these reasons and more are why Humility Through Pain stands for honor, respect, tradition, creativity, community…you fill in the rest.

I’ve been training Muay Thai for close to 20 years. I now own a gym and have become Kru which is a title that I do not take lightly. In that time I’ve always looked out for anything Muay Thai related to wear or keep, anything so I could show pride for my chosen style of fighting. Our clothing line will hopefully allow you to show your pride.
Our designs all hold special places in our hearts. As we try to spread Muay Thai in a positive way, we hope to portray our love for Muay Thai and Thailand through our clothes. We’re going to do our best to make sure you’re proud of every article of clothing you obtain from us.

Muay Thai is not only about fighting. It is also about learning a skill with which to defend oneself, family, friends and country, and Muay Thai bouts are the methods by which skill and courage are tested.

The essence of Muay Thai is lost by westernizing the sport and not having respect for the Thai rituals. Knowing and respecting the history and traditions of Muay Thai are important parts of being a true Nak Muay (Thai Boxer).